Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yes, it is gross.....

So, this may be more than you want to know but I am currently battling with a plantar's wart issue on my foot. This is the third time I have had to go get injections to try to make the virus go dormant. I have no idea how I initally got it but each time it comes back, it gets worse. NOT my idea of fun. So, on Thursday, I went back to the podiatrist for another round of injections. They inject an acid called Bleomyecin in to the affected area. The black areas you see in the picture are just where they did the injections and now those areas are bruised. It is very sore and still swollen. I can't put any pressure on my heel. It should take about 2 weeks to heal. That is a killer for me since I am so active. It drives me crazy not being able to exercise. I'll come up with some alternatives until my foot gets better. In the meantime, I am a bit immobile and, if I am up and about, it is for short periods of time. I guess this is one way to slow me down!!!

Vancouver (BC), Seattle, Ironman AZ

Last weekend, I found myself again in Vancouver, BC to attend another stretch therapy workshop. I really love this line of work and have seen the techniques really help my clients. I am tying to gain as much knowledge in this area as possible. Vancouver is a great city! This time, I stayed with a few other ladies who were taking the workshop. It was a nice change from staying by myself like I have the previous times I have been up there. We stayed right downtown. It is a great city, bustling with life, culture, and energy! It was really nice to get out and do a few runs while I was there.

I made this trip a bit of a vacation as well, spending time with friends in the Seattle area and in Yakima. I needed something of a break from the routine here in AZ. It was nice to get away. I loved seeing all the fall colors! It is refreshing in SO many ways!

Next on the agenda is getting through Ironman Arizona, which is on November 23rd. Hopefully I will have something interesting to blog about before that! I am the volunteer coordinator for the event so I am quite busy with all the preparations. I am confident that we will have all the volunteers we need and that my captains are competent to run their areas well on race day! It is a long day, and actually more like a long week. 4 weeks to go!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tumultuous Waters.....

i went rowing this morning on Tempe Town Ocean - I mean Lake. Because it is a man-made lake, it has some very interesting patterns of movement. Where we launch our boat, the water was like glass (the picture to the left is right by where we launch - with perfect water!)- the kind of water I always like when I am out wakeboarding! Just a few hundred meters in to the row, the water turned choppy and just proceeded to get worse as we rowed further East on the lake. (I was in a double this morning with one other lady, Helen.) We approached the mile mark, where we usually pass under the Rural Street Bridge. Well, much to my surprise, we had to stop somewhat quickly, as there was a large boat in the way. Boats with motors are not allowed on the lake, which is why I was caught off guard. Well, a passerby told us that there were divers below, looking for a murder weapon. OK - that is not a pleasant thought as I am out on the water. About the time we were discussing this weapon that they were searching for, the wind started carrying our boat quickly to the East. I wasn't paying super close attention, which resulted in an almost-dump of myself and Helen. We ran in to one of the pilings of the bridge - just with our oars, not the boat. It was a bit scary as I had to let go of one of my oars completely. Fortunately, the wind kept pulling us around the piling so we were able to maintain the right balance and I was able to get my oar back. I guess I need some more practice on choppy seas! I really like to row when the waters are calm - and don't like to row as much when the waters are choppy. Hmmm....see any parallels to life in this little scenario? We got back on track and had an ok workout. I did go for a run when I got home just so I felt that I got my heart rate up and so I could burn a few more calories!