Monday, March 9, 2009

Belay on...

So, if training for an Ironman weren't enough to fill my time, I have also been going rock climbing 2 or 3 times a week. I learned to rock climb when I lived in Utah. I went once or twice a week up there - always outdoors. Now, 8+ years later, I am climbing indoors. It is taking some time to regain my courage on the climbs but it is progressing nicely. I have a very patient climbing partner who helps me when I need it! That is a bonus! My fingers are regaining contact strength for the smaller holds. It is a lot of fun! There was only one instance of 'not fun'. I almost killed my friend, Mark, when he was coming off a lead climb. (usually we do climbs which are already top-roped, which means if you fall, there is no risk of falling far. On a lead climb, you can fall double the distance of where the last bolt/tie-in is). Mark had gone to the top of the lead climb. I had the rope in wrong and there was no catch on the rope. This means that when he started coming back down, it was only my strength trying to prevent him from plummeting to his death. Fortunately, there was someone close by who helped prevent disaster from happening. We haven't tried lead climbs since then! I got a nice rope burn on my hand which is just about healed - 2.5 weeks later! Like I said - it is a lot of fun! I don't have any pictures of me climbing - yet - so I just added a picture of my gear. Chalk bag, harness, and shoes, and a carabiner that you can't really see!

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